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Remote Starters & Alarms

Our Remote Starters and Alarms


A car alarm is the simplest and most effective way to protect your car and its contents. At its most basic, a car alarm consists of a sensor which detects if the vehicle has been tampered with, and a siren to scare away the would-be thief and alert nearby citizens. As cars have gotten more advanced, car alarms have followed, and now offer features such as remote start, keyless entry, 2-way paging and more. A wide variety of sensors are now available, from the standard dual-zone shock sensor designed to guard against smashing windows, to digital tilt sensors which prevent potential thieves from taking rims, catalytic converters and other high-value parts.

We are an authorized dealer for Compustar™ and sell their high-quality remote car starters and alarms that come with a Lifetime Warranty on Parts and Labor. We offer an amazing variety of keyless entry and remote keyless ignition systems starting as low as $189.

Our alarms start at $199 installed and come with a lifetime warranty.

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